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I’m Matthew Golt. I'm a coach, entrepreneur, and founder of Hudson Avenue.

Hudson Avenue is an extension of who I was and what I’ve always wanted to become. In my childhood, I was always a go-getter. Someone who got things done. Conversely, I struggled with academics and the construction of the next phase of my life. Post-university I was lucky enough to fall into a unique situation of running a large commercial gym in downtown Montreal. I found conviction and success there. However, because of a plethora of factors, including 90 hour work weeks and a predisposition towards anxiety and injury, it caught up to me. My mental and physical health started to deteriorate. This prompted me to take time to travel and foster my own vision of health and wellness.

This sabbatical is where Hudson Avenue was born. It began as an envisioned community where health preceded wealth, less was sometimes more and moving, feeling and looking better all had equal importance. Today we're doing our part to make this dream a practical reality and I'm super proud of what we've accomplished so far :)